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2014-06 "Toy kit" of the emperor: Exhibiting national palace museum's artefacts of emperor chien-lung on tablets Kuo, Pei-Jeng; Su, W.-H.; Huang, H.; Huang, Y.-N.; 郭正佩; Lien, Yao Nan; 連耀南
2008-04 1-out-of-$n$ oblivious signatures 左瑞麟
2016-12 2.5D Stylized Application Using Anisotropic Reaction-diffusion 廖文宏; Wu, Yi-Chieh; Hsu, Shu-Hsuan; Chi, Ming-Te; Liao, Wen-Hung
2006 2nd Asian Workshop on Aspect-Oriented Software Development (AOAsia) Chen, KunG; 陳恭
2006 2nd Asian workshop on aspect-oriented software development (AOAsia) Baniassad, E.; Chen, Kung; Chiba, S.; Hannemann, J.; Masuhara, H.; Ren, S.; Zhao, J.; 陳恭
2016 3D 互動敘事共創模式與演出控制之關鍵技術研究(二) 李蔡彥
2002 3D-List: A Data Structure for Efficient Video Query Processing 陳良弼; Liu,C. C.; Chen,Arbee L. P.
2019 3D互動敘事中以穿戴式裝置與虛擬角色互動之機制設計 王玟璇; Wang, Wen-Hsuan
2015 3D互動敘事共創模式與演出控制之關鍵技術研究 李蔡彥
2006 3D動畫中協同運動計畫-以中國舞獅走梅花樁為例 游富勝
2010 3D擴增實境應用於行動導覽之研究 張樹安; Chang, Shu An
2006 3D遊戲中智慧型角色的互動式運動控制 陳俊傑; Chen,Chun Chieh
2005 3G Interworking之主系統,MMS Gateway,LBS Gateway組成元件技術研發 張宏慶
2003-09 3GHOSim:A Handoff Simulation Tool for 3G Mobile Communications System 張宏慶; Roger Hsu
2005 4 - Operating Systems Lien, Yao-Nan; 連耀南
2019 4G及後 4G通訊系統之新波形的研究 許宇樵; Hsu, Yu-Chiao
2019 5G非獨立網路下的換手機制研究 張凱勝; Chang, Kai-Sheng
2006 802.11e/802.16閘道於點對點/網狀/轉傳模式下之服務品質提供 蔡子傑
2012-06 A cognition-based game platform and its authoring environment for learning chinese characters Liu, Chao-Lin; 劉昭麟; Chou, Chia-Ru; Tzeng, Yu-Lin; Lee, Chia-Ying; Huang, Wei-Jie; 黃瑋杰
2011 A computer system aiming to stimulate creativity for narrative Li, Tsai-yen; 李蔡彥; Chen, Sheng-Chih; Chang, Yun-Tai
2013 A content fusion system based on user participation degree on microblog Kuo, Yau-Hwang; 郭耀煌; Lee, K.-R.; Fu, M.-H.; Liu, W.-C.
2013 A flow-aware placement of mobile agent control network over opportunistic networks You, Hsiao Tzu; 游筱慈; Lien, Yao-Nan; 連耀南; Huang, J.-S.
2009 A Framework for Attention-Based Personal Photo Manager Liao, Wen-hung; Chueh, Chien-Pao; 廖文宏
2020-08 A Generic Construction of Predicate Proxy Key Re-encapsulation Mechanism 左瑞麟; Tso, Raylin; 曾一凡; Tseng, Yi-Fan; Liu, Zi-Yuan
2010-03 A guideline-based decision support for pharmacological treatment can improve the quality of hyperlipidemia management Chen, Kung; 陳恭

Showing items 1-25 of 2925. (117 Page(s) Totally)
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