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2006-11 250億元的一堂課--從明基看跨國併購的成與敗 馮震宇
2004-03 320 公投相關法律問題 陳惠馨
2021 3D列印時代商標權面臨之爭議問題解決之道:以商標侵權為核心 胥丞皓; Shiu, Chen-Hao
2002-07 50 Years of social Insurance in Taiwan 郭明政
2019-09 70年德國防衛民主與憲法保護-後民主時代新挑戰下的省思與再起 林佳和; Lin, Chia-Ho
2019-01 70年德國防衛民主與憲法保護-後民主時代新挑戰下的省思與再起 林佳和; Lin, Chia-Ho
2016-11 Accessibility, Reasonable Accommodation and Non-Discrimination Principle: A Legal Review of Consistence between the CRPD and Equal Treatment Regulations in the Constitution and the Rights Protection Act for Persons with Disabilities in Taiwan 孫迺翊
1990-09 Alterssicherung in Taiwan-Grundproblem soyialer Sicherung in einem jungen Industriestaat 郭明政
2009-06 The Analysis of Visual Detection of Different Attack Movements from Volleyball Players of Different Skill Levels 吳高讚
2014-03 Ancillary Orders of Compulsory Licensing and Their Compatibility with the TRIPS Agreement 王立達; Wang, Richard Li-dar
2011-02 Andrographolide enhances nuclear factor-κB subunit p65 Ser 536 dephosphorylation through activation of protein phosphatase 2A in vascular smooth muscle cells Hsieh, C.Y.; Hsu, M.J.; Hsiao, G.; Wang, Yi-hsuan; Huang, C.W.; Chen, S.W.; Jayakumar, T.; Chiu, P.T.; Chiu, Y.H.; Sheu, J.R.
2013-03 Are Independent Directors Effective Monitors in Taiwan? --A Theoretical Analysis 周振鋒; Chou, Cheng-Fong
2013-03 Are Independent Directors Effective Monitors in Taiwan? A Theoretical Analysis 周振鋒; Chou, Cheng-Fong
2020 Auswahlverfahren im Öffentlichen Wirtschaftsrecht 詹鎮榮; Chen-Jung Chan
2012 Axel Honneth的承認理論與現代法秩序之關係 陳柏宏
2013-09 Backlash Against Gender Equality? Taiwanese Attitude Toward Sexual Assault 王曉丹; Wang, Hsiao-Tan
2018-04 Balancing the Governance of the Modern Financial Ecosystem: A New Governance Perspective and Implications for Market Discipline 臧正運; Tsang, Cheng-Yun
1999-07 Basic rights in a diminishing state 蘇永欽
2010-03-05 Beck online & Juris online 對法學研究之重要性 林佳和
2012-06 Becoming a victim: the Cultural Construction of Human Trafficking Act in Taiwan 王曉丹; Wang, Hsiao-Tan
2016 BOT契約履約監督與促進-以ETC案為例 簡正銓; Chien, Cheng Chuan
2016-12 BOT與契約調整 顏玉明
2016-09 Brief Comment on Taiwan Long Term Care Insurance Bill 葉啟洲; Yeh, Chi-Chou
2004-07 Broadband Network Open Access and Competition Policy 李治安
2013-06 The Burden of Proof and Prima Facie About The Cause of Accident-Discussing Based on the Decision of Taiwan High Courton the 14. Sep. 2011 葉啟洲; Yeh, Chi-Chou

Showing items 26-50 of 6767. (271 Page(s) Totally)
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