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2017-08 Griffiths singularities in the random quantum Ising antiferromagnet: A tree tensor network renormalization group study Lin, Yu-Ping; Kao, Ying-Jer; Chen, Pochung; 林瑜琤; Lin, Yu-Cheng
2014 Grouping Patients with Newly Diagnosed Chronic Illness by Their Personal Constructs: A Clinical Application of the "Threat Index-Taiwan Version" 鄭逸如; 吳治勳; Cheng, Yih-Ru; Wu, Chih-Hsun
2010 GSP融入數學教學對於國中生幾何單元學習成效之研究 葉進安; Yeh, Chin An
2016-09 Guest Editorial: 2013 Technologies and Applications of Artificial Intelligence 徐國偉; Hsu, Kuo Wei; Huang, Ray Yueh Min
2011 GWAP design for a mobile geo-tagging system with confident verification Tsai, Tzu-Chieh; Yang, Tai Rong; 蔡子傑; 楊泰榮
2006-10 Habenular lesion affects the acquisition of operant responding on a different reinforcement of low-rate response (DRL) task in the rat 廖瑞銘; 江峰逵
2015-12 Hakka symbolic code <nganggiang stiff neck>: An analysis of its innovative development in Taiwan newspapers Lai, Huei-Ling; Hsu, Shao-Chun; Liu, Chao-Lin; 賴惠玲; 徐韶君; 劉昭麟
2009-12 Half-metallic antiferromagnetic nature of La2VTcO6 and La2VCuO6 from ab initio calculations 郭光宇; Guo, Guang-Yu
2011-09 Hamiltonian walks on the Sierpinski gasket 陳隆奇; Chen, Lung-Chi
1993-10 HAP: A new model for packet arrivals, with implications for broadband network control 蔡子傑; Lin,Ying-Dar Jason; Tsai,Tzu-Chieh; Huang,San-Chiao; Mario Gerla
2013-11 Hausdorff Dimension of Multi-Layer Neural Networks 班榮超; Ban, Jung-Chao; Chang, Chih-Hung
2017-07 Heard but Falsely Remembered? The Attention and Memory Effect of Product Placement in TV Episodes. Yu, Wan-Yun; 蔡介立; Tsai, Jie-Li; Tao, Chen-Chao
2014-05 HearMe: Assisting the visually impaired to record vibrant moments of everyday life Tsai, Yi Hsuan; Lin, Y.-T.; Cho, S.-Y.; Cheng, C.-M.; Yu, Neng-Hao; Tang, H.-H.; 蔡宜璇; 余能豪
2020-04 Hedging via Opinion-based Pair Trading Strategy 黃瀚萱; Huang, Hen-Hsen
2010-05 Hematopoietic origin of pathological grooming in Hoxb8 mutant mice 陳紹寬; Chen, Shau-Kwaun; Tvrdik, Petr; Peden, Erik; Cho, Scott; Wu, Sen; Spangrude, Gerald; Capecchi, Mario R.
2017 Hepatitis B reactivation in patients receiving immunosuppressive therapy: a hidden menace Lin, Chih-Lin; 林志陵; Kao, Jia-Horng
2013-06 Hepatitis B viral factors and treatment responses in chronic hepatitis B Lin, Chih-Lin; 林志陵; Kao, J.-H.
2015-05 Hepatitis B virus genotypes and variants Lin, Chih-Lin; 林志陵; Kao, Jia-Horng
2013-06 Hepatitis B virus genotypes: Clinical relevance and therapeutic implications Lin, Chih-Lin; 林志陵; Kao, J.-H.
2016-01 Hepatitis B virus: new therapeutic perspectives Lin, Chih-Lin; 林志陵; Yang, Hung-Chih; Kao, Jia-Horng
2011 Hes-1 的類小泛素化修飾可調節 Hes-1 蛋白質的穩定及 GluR1 的表現 許芳芸; Hsu, Fang Yun
2017-01 Heterogeneous AdaBoost with stochastic algorithm selection Hsu, Kuo-Wei; 徐國偉
2016-02 Heterogeneous and nonlinear development of human posterior parietal cortex function 張葶葶; Chang, Ting-Ting; Metcalfe, Arron W.S.; Padmanabhan, Aarthi; Chen, Tianwen; Menon, Vinod
2016-02 Heterogeneous and nonlinear functional development of posterior parietal cortex 張葶葶; Chang, Ting-Ting; Metcalfe, Arron W.S.; Padmanabhan, Aarthi; Chen, Tianwen; Menon, Vinod
2019-07 Heterogeneous influences of emotional disturbances on multi-domain quality of life after anterior cervical spine surgery: A prospective study 楊啟正; Chi-ChengYang; Wei-ChiLin; Chien, Andy; Jaw-LinWang; Dar-MingLai

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