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2009-12 How do strategic groups handle cognitive complexity to sustain competitive advantage? A commentary essay Huang, Kuofeng; 黃國峯
2020 How does Training Shape English-Chinese Sight Translation Behaviour? An Eye-Tracking Study. 蔡介立; Tsai, Jie-Li; 陳子瑋; Chen, Tze-Wei; Ho, Chen-En
2013-12 How to Distinguish True Dependence from Varying Krmelova, Marketa; 吳柏林; Trnecka, Martin; Kreinovich, Vladik
1994-05 How to Use a Client-Server Framework to Build Application Systems in the Heterogeneous Environment 胡毓忠
1993-06 How To Use Neural Networks In Nonlinear Time Series Forecasting 吳柏林
2005 How to verify the threshold t of the Shamir’s (t,n)-threshold scheme 左瑞麟; Tso,Raylin; Miao,Ying; Takeshi Okamoto; Eiji Okamoto
2016-09 HR practice, organisational commitment & citizenship behaviour: A study of primary school teachers in Taiwan 郭建志; Kuo, Chien-Chih;; Chang, Kirk;; Nguyen, Bang;; Cheng, Kuo-Tai;; Lee, Iling
2001-03 HTML 與 WML 之間的轉換與整合開發環境 張宏慶; 連耀南; 陳宗儀; 何彥德; 吳曉峰; 蔡子傑
2011 HuayuNavi: A mobile chinese learning application based on intelligent character recognition Kuo, Jen Ho; Huang, Cheng-Ming; Liao, Wen-Hung; Huang, C.-C.; 郭仁和; 黃政明; 廖文宏
2012 A hybrid architecture of routing protocols for VANET with cross-layer design Jang, Hung-Chin; Yang, C.-K.; 張宏慶
2008-03 A Hybrid Design Framework for Video Streaming in IEEE 802.11e Wireless Network 張宏慶
2012 Hybrid ensembles of decision trees and artificial neural networks Hsu, Kuo-Wei; 徐國偉
1992-12 A Hybrid Knowledge Representation as a Basis of Requirement Specification and Specification Analysis 張宏慶; Jang,Hung-Chin
2014 A Hybrid Multi-Criteria Decision Support Model: Combining DANP with MDS 楊亨利; Yang, Heng-Li
2018-11 Hybrid multilane models for highway traffic 張太乙; Zhang, Taiyi; 林瑜琤
2002 Hybrid Network Implementation:Integration of Wireless LAN Multihop and Ethernet 蔡子傑; M.R. Wu; T.Y.Lin
2015-09 Hybrid vs sequential therapy for eradication of Helicobacter pylori in Taiwan: A prospective randomized trial Chen, Kuan-Yang; Lin, Tsung-Jung; Lin, Chin-Lin; Lee, Hsi-Chang; Wang, Chung-Kwe; Wu, Deng-Chyang; 陳冠仰
2007-01 Hydrangea: A Hybrid Ontology Directed Feedback Generation Algorithm for Supporting Creative Problem Solving Dialogues H. C. Wang; R. Kumar; C. Roseacute; 李蔡彥; C. Y. Chang; Li, Tsai-Yen
2011-10 Hyperarousal among chronic insomnia patients and stress-related sleep disturbances Yang, C.M.; 楊建銘; Lin, Y.H.; Lin, Y.S.
2020 Hyperledger Fabric 應用於全民公投之連署書驗證暨查詢平台 陳君虹; Chen, Chun-Hung
2021 I-Jogging:基於震動回饋穩定步頻以增進跑步效率的穿戴式系統 林緯政; Lin, Wei-Cheng
2018-03 Iatrogenic Effect? Cautions when Utilizing an Early Health Education for Post-concussion Symptoms 楊啟正; Yang, Chi-Cheng; Chiu, Hsiao-Chun; Xiao, Sheng-Huang; Tsai, Yi-Hsin
2016 iBeacon微定位技術應用於視障者行動導航之研究 林禕瑩; Lin, Yi Ying
2016 iBeaGuide導覽服務系統之設計與研發 鄭嘉鼎; Cheng, Chia Ting
2013-10 Ice model and eight-vertex model on the two-dimensional Sierpinski gasket 張書銓; Chang, Shu-Chiuan; 陳隆奇; Chen, Lung-Chi; 李欣芸; Lee, Hsin-Yun

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