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2009-09 Tuning linear and nonlinear optical properties of wurtzite GaN by c-axial stress 郭光宇; Guo, Guang-Yu
2011-03 Tuning the electronic properties of monolayer graphene by the periodic aligned graphene nanoribbons Lee, Chi-Hsuan; Chen, S.C.; Su, W.S.; Chen, R.B.; Lin, M.F.; 李啟玄
2010-01 Tunneling conductance of graphene ferromagnet-insulator-superconductor junctions 郭光宇; Hsu, Ya-Fen; Guo, Guang-Yu
2009-06 Two applications of lexical information to computer-assisted item authoring for elementary Chinese 劉昭麟; Liu, Chao-Lin
2011-01 A Two Time Point Study of Imitative Abilities in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders 吳進欽; 姜忠信; 侯育銘; Wu,Chin-Chin; Chiang,Chung-Hsin; Hou,Yuh-Ming
2016 Two-in-one oblivious signatures secure in the random oracle model 左瑞麟; Tso, Ray-Lin
2007 Two-Phase Modeling of QoS Routing in Communication Networks 陸行
2004-12 A Two-Stage Approach to Modular Access Control for Java-Based Web Applications 陳恭
2011-09 A two-tier screening model using quality-of-life measures and pulse oximetry to screen adults with sleep-disordered breathing Chen, N.-H.; Chen, M.-C.; Li, H.-Y.; Chen, Chang-Wei; Wang, P.-C.; 陳昌偉
1994 A Type System for a Lambda Calculus with Assignments Chen, Kung; Odersky, Martin; 陳恭
2006-01 Type-directed weaving of aspects for higher-order functional languages Meng Wang; 陳恭; Siau Cheng Khoo
2010 Type-directed weaving of aspects for polymorphically typed functional languages Chen, Kung; Weng, Shu-Chun; Wang, Meng; Khoo, Siau-Cheng; Chen, Chung-Hsin; 陳恭
2010-11 Type-directed weaving of aspects for polymorphically typed functional languages Chen, Kung; Weng, S.-C.; Wang, M.; Khoo, S.-C.; Chen, Chung-Hsin; 陳恭; 陳忠信
2015-01 A typological and probabilistic approach for exploring cross-cultural differences: Two-level latent class models 游琇婷; Yu, Hsiu-Ting
2016-05 U-art: Your art and ubiquitous art Tsai, Tzu-Chieh; Chen, Chung-Yu; Su, Gon-Jong; 蔡子傑; 鄭仲祐; 蘇冠榮
2019-11 UAV System Integration of Real-time Sensing and Flight Task Control for Autonomous Building Inspection Task 劉吉軒; Jyi-Shane Liu; Li, Gong-Yi; Soong, Ru-Tai; Huang, Yen-Ting
1997 Ubiquitous Information Service Environments 連耀南
2007-03 A UDP Based Protocol for Distributed P2P File Sharing 連耀南; Hong-Qi Xu
2016-12 Ultrasonographic Changes after Indirect Revascularization Surgery in Pediatric Patients with Moyamoya Disease 楊啟正; Yeh, Shin-Joe; Tang, Sung-Chun; Tsai, Li-Kai; Chen, Ya-Fang; Liu, Hon-Man; Chen, Ying-An; Hsieh, Yu-Lin; Yang, Shih-Hung; Tien, Yu-Hsuan; Yang, Chi-Cheng
2001 UMTS中擷取網路層之服務品質的研究 張宏慶
2011-01 Understanding as well as characterization of erratic interspike dynamics in semiconductor devices 蕭又新; Shiau,Yuo-Hsien
2016-09 Understanding gender differences revealed by event-related potentials in processing positive and bloody pictures. 顏乃欣; Yen, Nai-Shing; Wu, B. C. Y.; Wu, Y. J.;; Lee, C. N.
2017-02 Underwater Image Restoration based on Image Blurriness and Light Absorption 彭彥璁*; Peng , Yan-Tsung; Cosman, Pamela; Peng , Yan-Tsung
2008-06 Unicity of Meromorphic Functions of Class A 陳天進; 陳耿彥

Showing items 3326-3350 of 7637. (306 Page(s) Totally)
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