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2003-05 Noncovalent functionalization of carbon nanotubes by aromatic organic molecules 楊志開; Zhao,Jijun; Lu,JianPing; Han,Jie; Yang,Chih-Kai
2013-02 Nonequilibrium quench dynamics in quantum quasicrystals 林瑜琤; Iglói,Ferenc; Roósz, Gergő; Lin,Yu-Cheng
2016-04 Nonexistence of global solutions of Emden-Fowler type semilinear wave equations with non-positive energy 李明融; Li, Meng-Rong
2016 Nonexistence of positive global solutions to the differential equation 李明融; Li, Meng-Rong; Chiang-Lin, Tsung-Jui; Lee, Young-Shiuan; Miao, Daniel Wei-Chung
2020-08 Nonlinear action observation network engagement underlying action anticipation in players with different levels of expertise 顏乃欣; Yen , Nai-Shing; Chen, Yin-Hua; Chang, Chih-Yen; Huang, Shih-Kuei
1977-06 Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems for Systems of Second-Order Effiptic Differential Equations 蔡隆義
2017-06 Nonlinear diagnoses on autonomic imbalance on a single night before treatment for sleep apnea: A proposed scheme based upon heartbeat indices 蕭又新; Shiau, Yuo-Hsien; Sie, Jia-Hong
1976-06 Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problem for Schrodinger Operators 蔡隆義
1990-03 Nonlinear Elliptic Equations in Unbounded Domains 蔡隆義; Tsai, Long-Yi
2020-08 Nonlinear engagement of action observation network underlying action anticipation in players with different levels of expertise 顏乃欣; Yen, Nai‐Shing; Chen , Yin‐Hua; Chang , Chih‐Yen; Huang, Shih‐Kuei
2008-06 Nonlinear Functional Connectivity in Visual Awareness: A Small-World Study 黃淑麗
2010-01 Nonlinear measures on heart rate variability: A clinical tool or not? Shiau, Yuohsien; 蕭又新
2018 Nonlinear neuroplasticity corresponding to sports experience: A voxel‐based morphometry and resting‐state functional connectivity study Chang, Chih-Yen; Chen, Yin-Hua; 顏乃欣; Yen, Nai-Shing
2011-04 Nonlocal condensate model for QCD sum rules Hsieh, Ron-Chou; Li, Hsiang-nan; 李湘楠
1986-06 Nonlocal Elliptic Boundary Value Problems 蔡隆義
1983 Nonlocal Elliptic Problems 蔡炎龍
2006-09 Nonpharmacologic strategies in the management of insomnia Yang, Chien-Ming; Spielman, Arthur J.; Glovinsky, Paul; 楊建銘
2008 Nonpharmacologic Strategies in the Management of Insomnia: Rationale and Implementation Glovinsky, P. B.; Yang C. M.; Dubrovsky, B.; Spielman, A. J.; 楊建銘
2008-05 Nonverbal Communication Skills in Young Children with Autism 姜忠信; Chiang.Chung-Hsin; Soong,Wei-Tsuen; Lin,Tzu-Ling; Sally J. Rogers
1990-02 A note on abundant central extensions of number fields and Scholz's solutions of number knots 陳永秋
2018-04 A note on modularity lifting theorems in higher weights 余屹正; Yu, Yih-Jeng
2019-07 A Note on Number Knots and the Splitting of the Hilbert Class Field 余屹正; Yu, Yih-Jeng
2006-05 A Note on Simple Eigenvalues of Matrix Polynomials in Queueing Models with Erlang Distributions 劉心怡; 陸行
2019-07 A Note on Special Fibers of Shimura Curves and Special Representations 余屹正; Yu, Yih-Jeng
2021-03 A note on the independence number, domination number and related parameters of random binary search trees and Random Recursive Trees 符麥克; Fuchs, Michael; Holmgren, Cecilia; Mitsche, Dieter; Neininger, Ralph

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