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2007-09 On a particular Emden–Fowler equation with non-positive energy u″−u3=0u″−u3=0: Mathematical model of enterprise competitiveness and performance 李明融; 張裕隆; Li,Meng-rong; Chang,Yue-loong
2008-10 On a special generalized Vandermonde matrix and its $LU$ factorization 李宣助; Li, Hsuan-Chu; 陳永秋; Tan, Eng-Tjioe
2003-12 On A System of Nonlinear Wave Equations 李明融; 蔡隆義
1997 On a System of Nonlinear Wave Equations 蔡炎龍; M.R. Li
1997-01 On a system of nonlinear wave equations 李明融
2007-03 On A system of nonlinear wave equations of kirchhoff type with a strong dissipation Tsai, Long Yi; 蔡隆義; Wu, S.-T.
2020-05 On binomial and Poisson sums arising from the displacement of randomly placed sensors 符麥克; Fuchs, Michael; Kao, Louis; Wu, Wan-Zhen
1988 On Bounded Entire Solutions of Integro-Differential Equations 蔡隆義; Tsai, Long-Yi
2000 On combining statistical and fuzzy techniques: Detection of Business cycles from uncertain data 吳柏林
2003 On Coupled Nonlinear Wave Equations with Nonlinear Dissipations S. T. Wu; 蔡炎龍
1977-10 On Demushkin Groups and their Schur Multiplicators 陳永秋
2006-05 On Economic Forecasting with DNA Computing 吳柏林
1983 On extension categories and Schur multiplicators of profinite groups 陳永秋; Tan, Eng Tjioe
2012-03 On Fast Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Lung MR Imaging Using k-t BLAST: a Spatiotemporal Perspective 蔡尚岳; Tsai, Shang-Yueh
2002 On generalized Stirling numbers 蔡隆義; Tsai, Long-Yi
2006-06 On Global Existence and Blow-Up of Solutions for an Integro-Differential Equation with Strong Damping 吳舜堂; 蔡隆義
2004 On Global Solutions and Blow Up Solutions for a Nonlinear Visco-Elastic Wave Equation with Nonlinear Damping S. T. Wu; 蔡炎龍
2009-04 On global solutions and blow-up of solutions for a nonlinearly damped Petrovsky system Wu, Shun-Tang; 蔡隆義; Tsai, Long-Yi
1981-06 On Integro-Differential Equations of Parabolic Type 蔡隆義
2005 On J_m-Hadamard Matrices 陳永秋; Shih , Yaio-Zhern; Tan, Eng-Tjioe
2008-01 On Marrero's $J_m$-Hadamard matrices Shih, Yaio-Zhern; 陳永秋; Tan, Eng-Tjioe
2002 On multivariate fuzzy time series analysis and forecasting 吳柏林; Wu, Berlin; Hsu, Yu-Yun
2002 On multivariate fuzzy time series analysis and forecasting. 吳柏林; Wu, Berlin; Hsu, Yu-Yun
1993-12 On nonexistence results for some integro-differential equations of elliptic type 蔡隆義; Tsai, Long-Yi; 吳水利; Wu, Shui Li
1993 On Nonexistence Results for Some Quasilinear Equations of Elliptic Type 蔡炎龍; S.L.Wu

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