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2020 HiCBin:利用 Hi-C 交互網路對總體基因組裝進行反捲積 鄭惟文; Cheng, Wei-Wen
2021 HiCNextflow:一個靈活且具再現性的Hi-C分析平台 鄭博仁; Cheng, Po-Jen
2021 HiCSeg:針對不同樣本和物種的互動式基因體分割 吳映函; Wu, Yin-Han
2012 Hidden trends in 90 years of Harvard Business Review Tsai, C.-C.; Liu, C.-L.; Huang, W.-J.; Shan, Man-Kwan; 沈錳坤
2007-01 Hiding Sensitive Association Rules with Limited Side Effects Y-H- Wu; C-M- Chiang; 陳良弼
2004 Hiding Sensitive Patterns in Association Rules Mining G. Lee; C.Y. Chang; 陳良弼
1995 A hierarchical simulation environment for mobile wireless networks Tsai, Tzu-chieh; Bagrodia, Rajive; Gerla, Mario; Kleinrock, Leonard; Short, Joel; 蔡子傑
2011-10 High Chern number quantum anomalous Hall phases in single-layer graphene with Haldane orbital coupling 郭光宇; Chen, Tsung-Wei; Xiao, Zhi-Ren; Chiou, Dah-Wei; Guo, Guang-Yu
2013-03 High spin polarization of the anomalous Hall current in Co-based Heusler compounds 郭光宇; Tung, Jen-Chuan ;
2018-06 High-capacity quantum secret sharing based on orbital angular momentum Qin, Huawang; Tso, Raylin; 左瑞麟; Tso, Raylin
2018 High-capacity quantum secret sharing based on orbital angular momentum. Qin, Huawang; Tso, Raylin
1993-02 High-resolution inversion of the discrete Poisson and binomial transformations Byrne C; Haughton D.; 姜志銘
2021-03 Hippocampal avoidance whole-brain radiotherapy without memantine in preserving neurocognitive function for brain metastases: A phase II blinded randomized trial 楊啟正; Yang, Chi-Cheng; Pei-Fang, Wu
2015-12 Hippocampal dosimetry correlates with the change in neurocognitive function after hippocampal sparing during whole brain radiotherapy: a prospective study. 楊啟正; Tsai, Ping-Fang; Yang, Chi-Cheng; Chuang, Chi-Cheng; Huang, Ting-Yi; Wu, Yi-Ming; Pai, Ping-Ching; Tseng, Chen-Kan; Wu, Tung-Ho; Shen, Yi-Liang; Lin, Shinn-Yn
2012-08 Hold a minor up to nature: A new approach on correlation evaluation with fuzzy data 吳柏林; Yang, Chih Ching; Cheng, Yu-Ting; Wu, Berlin; Sriboonchitta, Songsak
1994-12 Holland's Method in 3-Dimensional Covariance Stabilizing Transformations 宋傳欽
2017 Homomorphic Encryption Supporting Logical Operation 曾一凡; Tseng, Yi-Fan; Fan, Chun-I; Kung, Ting-Chuan; Huang, Jheng-Jia; Kuo, Hsin-Nan
2003 Homomorphic Processing Techniques for Near-Infrared Image 廖文宏; D. Li
2013-02 Honokiol Blocks Store Operated Calcium Entry in CHO Cells Expressing the M3 Muscarinic Receptor: Honokiol and Muscarinic Signaling 詹銘煥; Chan,Ming-Huan
2012-01 Honokiol Suppresses the Development of Post-ischemic Glucose Intolerance and Neuronal Damage in Mice 詹銘煥; Chan,Ming-Huan; Shinichi Harada; Maya Kishimoto; Mana Kobayashi; Kazuo Nakamoto; Wakako Fujita-Hamabe; Chen,Hwei-Hsien; Chan,Ming-Huan; Shogo Tokuyama
2009-03 Hop-by-Hop TCP for Sensor Networks 連耀南
2008-12 Hop-by-Hop TCP over MANET 連耀南
2012-06 Host genetic variants and hepatitis B virologic features in HBeAg-negative hepatitis B carriers with long-term biochemical remission Lin, Chih-Lin; 林志陵; Tseng, Tai-Chung; Su, Tung-Hung; Liu, Chun-Jen; Chen, Pei-Jer; Lai, Ming-Yang; Chen, Ding-Shinn; Kao, Jia-Horng
1992 Hot-Spot Based Compostion Algorithm Lien, Yao-nan; Lee, Dik Lun; Lai, Ten-hwang; Wei, Shu-shang; 連耀南
2011-04 How attractiveness modulates the social interaction in the Ultimatum Game: An ERP study Yen, N. S.; 顏乃欣; Chen, P. L

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