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2016-01 Memory updating and mental arithmetic 顏乃欣; Han, Cheng-Ching; Yang, TsungHan; Lin, Chia-Yuan; Yen, Nai-Shing
2012-03 Memory updating capacity is the better predictor of multiplication performance than numerical acuity 顏乃欣; Han, C. C.; Yen, N. S.; Didino, D.; Butterworth, B
2013-04 Mental adjustment at different phases in breast cancer trajectory: Re-examination of factor structure of the Mini-MAC and its correlation with distress Wang, Wei-Ting; Tu, P.-C.; Liu, T.-J.; Yeh, D.-C.; Hsu, W.-Y.; 王瑋婷; 涂珮瓊
1987 Mermaid—A front-end to distributed heterogeneous databases 陳良弼; Templeton, M.; Brill, D.; Dao, S.K.; Lund, E.; Ward, P.; Chen,Arbee L. P.; MacGregor, R.
2012 Message from UIPM-12 workshop chairs Wang, S.-J.; Kwak, J.; Liu, J.; Wang, W.-J.; Desell, T.; Su, P.-C.; Chang, C.-L.; Chen, C.-C.; Chen, Y.-L.; Cheng, H.-Y.; Huang, C.-W.; Kumar, S.; Huang, L.; Huang, S.-H.; Kim, C.; Kim, C.; Kim, J.W.; Sheu, R.-K.; Song, H.; Tsai, M.-F.; Tso, H.-K.; Tso, Ray-Lin; Varela, C.A.; Yang, C.-H.; Yu, C.-C.; Yuan, S.-M.; 左瑞麟
2012 Message from WiNA-12 workshop chairs James, C.W.Y.; Cai, Z.; Chang, Y.; Chen, T.-S.; Chi, K.-H.; Jiang, S.; Eidenbenz, S.; Govindaswamy, V.; Hwang, S.-F.; Li, F.; Li, M.M.; Li, Q.; Lien, Yao-Nan; Makki, K.; Shu, L.; Song, M.; Xin, Q.; Yang, B.; Yen, L.-H.; Zhang, W.; Zhao, B.; 連耀南
2013-04 Message-Efficient Service Management Schemes for MOM-Based UPnP Networks 廖峻鋒; Liao,Chun-Feng; Fu,Li-Chen; Chang,Hsin-Chih
2017 Message-related effects on consumer switching when the preferred product is out of stock. 郭建志; Kuo, Chien-Chih;; 顧萱萱; Ku, Hsuan-Hsuan;; Huang, Wan-Ting
2002-01 Meta-Analysis of Counseling and Psychotherapy Outcome Studies in Taiwan 余麗樺; 陳永慶; 張娟鳳; 黃惠玲; 林耀盛; 陳九五
2007-06 A meta-analysis of the association between stress and health in Taiwan. 林耀盛; Yu,L; Lin,YS; Chen,JW; Wang,HH; Chiu,CH
2012-12 Metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 modulates behavioral and hypothermic responses to toluene in rats Chan, Ming-Huan; Lee, Chia-Chi; Lin, Bih-Fen; Wu, Chia-Yen; Chen, Hwei-Hsien; 詹銘煥
1984 Metalinguistic Knowledge of Pragmatic Rules in School-Age Children Chiang, Chi-pang; Wilkinson, Louise Cherry; Wilkinson, Alex Cherry; Spinelli, Francesca; 蔣治邦
2009 A metallic graphene layer adsorbed with lithium 楊志開; Yang, Chih-Kai
2013-05 Metamaterial slab-based super-absorbers and perfect nanodetectors for single dipole sources 郭光宇; Guo, Guang-Yu
2013-11 Methamphetamine inhibits voltage-gated potassium currents in NG108-15 cells: Possible contribution of large-conductance calcium-activated potassium channels Wang, Ya-Jean; Chan, Ming-Huan; Chen, Hwei-Hisen; 詹銘煥
2009-07 Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus and Staphylococcus Aureus Surveillance of Medical Working Environment. 施世亮; Chang, Chih-Hao; Wang, Jen-Tai; Ker, Cheng-Chin; Chen, Shing-Yuan; Liu, Chih-Kuang; Shih, Shih-Liang
1999 A Methodology for Schema Integration Using Concept Hierarchies 陳良弼; Tsai,Pauray S. M.; Chen,Arbee L. P.
2006-01 Methods for path and service planning under route constraints 劉昭麟; Liu,Chao-Lin; Pai,Tun-Wen
2019-01 Methylphenidate ameliorates hyperlocomotion in CDKL5 deficiency mice 廖文霖; Liao, Wen-Lin; Luo, Y; CL, Jhang
2011-02 mGluR5 positive modulators both potentiate activation and restore inhibition in NMDA receptors by PKC dependent pathway Chen, Hwei-Hsien; Liao, Pei-Fei; Chan, Ming-Huan; 詹銘煥
2017 Mice lacking cyclin-dependent kinase-like 5 manifest autistic and ADHD-like behaviors 廖文霖; Jhang, Cian-Ling; Huang, Tzyy-Nan; Hsueh, Yi-Ping; Liao, Wenlin
2013-09 A microgenetic analysis of classroom discussion practices: How literacy processes intermingle in the negotiation of meaning in an online discussion 江玥慧; Chiang, Yueh-hui Vanessa; Vogler, Jane S.; Schallert, Diane L.; Park, Yangjoo; Song, Kwangok; Chiang, Yueh-hui Vanessa; Jordan, Michelle E.; Lee, SoonAh; Cheng, An-Chih Janne; Lee, Ji-Eun; Park, Jeong-bin; Sanders, Anke J. Z.
1996 Microinjections of SCH23390 and haloperidol into striatal subregions differentially affect water intake in the rat 廖瑞銘; Liao, Ruey-Ming; Yeh, Chung-Ching; Liao, Jui-Jung
2009-07 Microscopic origin of light emission from AlyGa1-yN/GaN superlattices: Band profile and active site 郭光宇; Cai, Duanjun; Kang, Junyong; Guo, Guang-Yu
2008-06 Microstructural analyses of risky choice behavior: an animal model Lin, W. L.; Yang, J. H.; Yen, N. S.; Cheng, C. P.; Liao, R. M.; 顏乃欣

Showing items 1951-1975 of 7748. (310 Page(s) Totally)
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