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2012-09 Employment of College Graduates in the Era of Universalized Higher Education Chuang, Ching-Pao; Joanne, Hu J. H.; 莊清寶
2006-09 Encountering, Realizing and Internalizing Alternative Education: the symbolic universe of pedagogical professionalism of a transformed intellectual in cross-cultural societies 倪鳴香
2016-11 Engaging internationally diverse students by integrating the teaching of reading and writing and using writing via ICT tools for assessment 邱美秀; Chiu, Mei-Shiu
2019-10 Enhancing creativity through aesthetics-integrated computer-based training: The effectiveness of a FACE approach and exploration of moderators 葉玉珠; Yeh, Y.*; Rega, E. M.; Chen, S. Y.
2020-06 Enhancing creativity through computer-based mindfulness interventions of aesthetic experience 葉玉珠; Yeh, Yu-chu
2012 Enhancing students' understanding of what ideas are for knowledge building Chiu, C.-H.; Hong, Huang-Yao; 洪煌堯
2011 Enhancing the social and cognitive benefits of digital tools and media Laferriere, T.; Viilo, M.; Seitamaa-Hakkarainen, P.; Hakkarainen, K.; Oshima, J.; Scardamalia, M.; Bereiter, C.; Chen, B.; Chuy, M.; Resendes, M.; Van, Aalst, J.; Chan, C.; Bielaczyc, K.; Hong, Huang-Yao; Zhang, J.; 洪煌堯
2018-04 Equality or quality? Using within-school ranks to admit disadvantaged medical students 邱美秀; Chiu, Mei-Shiu
2009 ERIC資料庫領導主題文獻之書目計量學研究 王艾苓; Wang, Ai Ling
1996-06 Estimating the latent trait from Likert-type data: a comparison of factor analysis item response theory and multidimensional scaling 詹志禹
1991-12 Estimating the latent trait from likert-type data: A comparison of factor analysis, item response theory, and multidimensional scaling Chi-Hyu Chan
2012-12 Estimation and Monitoring of Traffic Intensities with Application to Control of Stochastic Systems 洪英超; Hung,Ying-Chao; George Michailidis; Chuang,Shih-Chung
2009-08 Evaluating students’ answerscripts based on interval-valued fuzzy grade sheets Chen, Shyi-Ming; Wang, Hui-Yu; 汪慧瑜
2008-04 Evaluating students’ answerscripts using vague values Wang, Hui-Yu; Chen, Shyi-Ming; 汪慧瑜
2017-07 Evaluating the educational outcome gains of students enrolled in residential colleges: An application of the block design 胡悅倫; Hu, Yueh-Luen; 洪兆祥; Hung, Chao-Hsiang; Ching, Gregory S
2017-07 Evaluating the educational outcome gains of students enrolled in residential colleges: An application of the block design. 胡悅倫; Hu, Yueh-Luen; Hung, Chao-Hsiang; Ching, Gregory S.
2014 An evaluation agent system for enhancing wikipedia management 葉玉珠; Lin, C. F.; Yeh, Y. C.; Hung, Y. H.; Chang, R. I.
2009-03 An evaluation of the dynamics of the plan to develop first-class universities and top-level research centers in Taiwan Chang, Dian-fu; 吳政達; Ching, Gregory S.; 湯家偉; Chang, Dian-fu; Wu, Cheng-ta; Ching, Gregory S.; Tang, Chia-wei
2001-06 An evolutionary aproach to general problem-solving process 詹志禹
2020-06 Evolving international academic exchanges: The shifting cross-strait university practices between Taiwan and China 周祝瑛; Chou, Chuing Prudence; Ching, Gregory S.
2014-09 An examination of academic coping among Taiwanese adolescents 施淑慎; Shih, Shu-Shen
2019-03 An Examination of Academic Coping and Procrastination from the Self-Determination Theory Perspective 施淑慎; Shih, Shu-Shen
2009-05 An Examination of Factors Related to Taiwanese Adolescents' Reports of Avoidance Strategies Shih, Shu-Shen; 施淑慎
2011-06 Examining and Reconstructing Principals Preparation Programs in Taiwan 秦夢群
2008 Examining Pre-service Teachers' Perception of Knowledge-Building Principles for Building Community Knowledge 洪煌堯

Showing items 301-325 of 6196. (248 Page(s) Totally)
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