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2009-07 The Analysis of Wrong Judgment of Predicting Quick Attack Movement from Volleyball Players of Different Skill Levels 吳高讚
2012-01 Backboards and Blackboards—敘說兼顧訓練與課業的學生運動員 呂潔如; Lu, Chieh-ju 
2005-03 BYU 教育給我們的啟示(上) 施淑慧
2006-03 BYU教育給我們的啟示(下) 施淑慧
2007 Changes in running economy following a repeated bout of downhill running Chen, T.C.; Chen, H.-L.; Wu, C.-J.; Lin, M.-R.; Chen, C.-H.; Wang, L.-I.; Wang, Shi Y.; Tu, J.-H.; 王思宜
2017 The effects of jumping direction on lower extremity loading during drop jump task 王思宜; Wang, Shi-Yi; 許年瑩; Hsu, Nian-Ying
2008-12 Eye Tracking Strategies during Setting among Volleyball Players of Different Skill Levels 吳高讚
2018 A Formidable Triad: Mindfulness, Enactive Knowledge, and Physical Education 呂潔如; Lu, Chieh-ju 
2008 Gender identification from a point light display improves with age 嚴雅婷; 劉有德
2008 The Influence of Task Difficulties on Balance-task Learning 嚴雅婷;  劉有德
2018 Mindfulness, Embodied Knowledge and Physical Education 呂潔如; Lu, Chieh-ju 
2017-06 Paternalistic Leadership and Athlete’s Satisfaction: The Mediation Role of Trust in Coach 謝明輝; Hsieh, Ming-Hui
2014-11 Predictions of Sport Passion and Coach-athlete Relationship on Mental Toughness in College Baseball Players 王清欉; Wang, Ching-Tsung
2014-08 The Reinforcement of Theory and Practice: 
Physical Education as a Philosophical Practice through Somaesthetics 呂潔如; Lu, Chieh-ju 
2007-11 The Relationship between Posture Stability and One-hand Catching 嚴雅婷; Yen, Ya-Ting; 劉有德; Liu, Yeou-Teh
2011-12 The Relationship in Basketball Team Values and Conflict Resolution 謝明輝; 陳伊蘭; Hsieh, Ming-Hui; Chen, Yi-Lan
2015 Sex differences in lower extremity stiffness and kinematics alterations during double-legged drop landings with changes in drop height Wang, I-Lin; Wang, Shi-Yi; Wang, Li-I; 王思宜
2014-12 The Study of the Relation between Rankings and Tournaments Host for Junior Tennis Players 張凱隆; 吳忠芳; 黃僅喻; 張凱隆; 郭世傑; 何正斌
1998 不同網線張力對網球拍振動模態之影響 林寶城
2003 不同視覺前線索對預期羽球高正手擊球落點準確性之研究 = The effect of different visual pre-cues on correct anticipation of the point of landing of an opponent's overhead forehand shot in badminton 黃郁琦
2002 不同運動經驗與視覺前線索對預期網球發球方向和型態的影響 = The effect of different exercise experience and advance cue on anticipating the directions and types of tennis serving 林培元
2000 世界級直式握拍法.橫式握拍法桌球選手比賽綜合技術運用及得.失分表現之分析研究 謝淑娟
2016-07 中華民國桌球協會 105年B級教練講習會-擬定訓練計畫/桌球運動之訓練計畫 朱昌勇
2016-12 優秀足球選手參與動機與社會支持之研究 林貴彬; Lin, Kuei-Pin; 楊正群; Yang, Cheng-Chun;  陳克舟; Chen, Ke-Chou
2010-12 兩側遷移與運動技能學習 嚴雅婷; Yen, Ya-ting

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