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1996-01 Linguistic features in written and spoken Mandarin: interaction between form and function 張郇慧
2019 Linguistic Injustice in the Writing of Research Articles in English as a Second Language: Data from Taiwanese and Mexican Researchers 謝思蕾; Sheridan, Cheryl L.; Hanauer, David I. *; Englander, Karen
2017-10 Linguistic integration policy and its impact on the construction of language identity: The Vietnamese migrant community in Czechia 林蒔慧
2005-06 Linguistic manifestation of human thinking process: Evidence from Mandarin Chinese 賴惠玲; 高惠珊
1996 Linguistic rhythm and tone sandhi in Mandarin (華語的語言節奏與連讀變調) 蕭宇超; Hsiao, Yuchau
2007 Linguistics and Politics, The Case of Sun and Iafet Language Theories 吳世曼
2007 Linking agentive objects in Mandarin Chinese One-Soon Her
2006-07 Linking agentive objects in Mandarin Chinese 何萬順
2006 Linking agentive objects in Mandarin Chinese One-Soon Her
2009 Linking apparent agent objects in Chinese One-Soon Her
2009-03 Linking Assessment to Instruction: An Exploratory Study on Business English 林翰儀
2002 Listening comprehension in second/foreign language instruction: Case from Chinese college students in Taiwan 余明忠
2019-11 A Literary Gaze upon the Restless Body: Thomas De Quincey and Autobiographical Writing 陳綉諭
2019-06 Literary Genre, and Memory in German Language Dementia Narratives. 蔡莫妮; Tsai, Monika Leipelt
2021-12 Literary Translation and the Subjectivity of the Translator: An Introduction 吳敏華; Wu, Min-Hua; Varsano, Paula
2021-11 Literary Translation and the Subjectivity of the Translator: An Introduction 吳敏華; Wu, Min-Hua; Varsano, Paula
2008 Local to Global: Indo-Pacific Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative (ECAI) Languages Mapping Features 卜道
2016 Locative Particle ‘shang’ in Chinese 鍾曉芳; Soon, Suet Ching; Chung, Siaw-Fong
2011 Logical information processing of possibility and negation: Cases from Taiwanese Hakka Yeh, Chiou-Shing; Lai, Huei-Ling; 葉秋杏; 賴惠玲
2007-06-01 A Longitudinal Investigation of Mandarin-Speaking Preschoolers' Relation of Events in Narratives: From Unrelated to Related Events 薩文蕙
1999-01 The Looming of the Other: A Kristevan Reading of Wuthering Heights 吳敏華; Wu, Min-Hua; Ho, Keng-Yu; Ho, Po-Hsin
2020-06 Los verbos de cambio en chino y español(中西文「變化動詞」之對比研究) 藍文君; Chun, Lan Wen
1991-08 The Lost Horizon: A Study of English Translations of the Shijing 張上冠; Chang, Christopher Shang-kuan
1996-07 Louvre導覽 廖潤珮; Liao, Jun-Pei
2010 Lovectví a pojmenování míst v bununštině”(Hunters and the Place Naming in Bunun) 林蒔慧; 趙聰義

顯示項目1101-1125 / 6135. (共246頁)
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