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2011-08 The Waste Land and the Virtual City 楊麗敏; Yang, Carol L.
2009-05 The Waste Land Revisited: Urban Figuration, the World Demystified, and the Politics of Flânerie 楊麗敏
2004-04 WebQuest在英語教學上的運用:中學教師學習歷程之分析 招靜琪
2020-09 A Welcoming Speech by Professor Ming-Cheng Kuo, President of NCCU, to the Czech Senate Delegation Led by President Miloš Vystrčil 吳敏華; Wu, Min-Hua
2012-06 Western students' experiences of an Asian learning environment: Towards extending cultural boundaries 陳彩虹; Chen, R.
2020-06 What does Žítkovské bohyně tell us? – From a Taiwanese perspective 林蒔慧; Lin, Melissa Shih-hui
2008-05 What has narrative inquiry done to us personally, academically and professionally? 招靜琪
2017-07 What makes a good language learner: Students' views 陳彩虹; Chen, R.
2004-02 What pushes girls away from the computer? -- Understanding gender inequity in children's computer use 招靜琪; 駱藝瑄
1998 What the Thunder Said: An Unfinalizing Dialogue of The Waste Land 楊麗敏
2015-10 “What Was I?”: The Monster as a Grotesque Secret in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein 侯淑惠
2018-03 “What’s the purpose of using English-medium Instruction (EMI)?” Teacher Agency in Identity Construction in the EMI Contexts. 黃怡萍; Huang, Yi-Ping
2012-11 When Chinese learners meet constructivist pedagogy online 陳彩虹; Chen, Rainbow Tsai-Hung; Bennett, Sue
2008-12 When EFL Students Meet NES Students in Virtual Communities: Cross-Cultural Communication through E-mail Writing 劉怡君
2019-11 When Silence Speaks—Communicative Silence and Its Instruction 柳薇芬; Liu, Wei-feng
1991-09 When Syntax Meets Rhythm... 蕭宇超
2000-11 When the Sinful Son Meets the Rebellious Daughter: A Comparison between Hsian-Yuang Bai’s and Hsiau-Lian Du’s Homosexual Inscriptions and Interpretations 吳敏華; Wu, Min-Hua
2006-02 When the Visual Passes Dialectically into the Tactile: Walter Benjamin's Flâneur, Visual Shock, and Innervation 邱彥彬; Chiou, Yen-Bin
2007 Where Have All The Vedda (Vanniyaletto) Gone? Sri Lanka Cultural Heritage Revisited 卜道
2014-07 The White Women Abroad: Complicity or Resistance 楊麗敏; Yang, Carol L.
1999 Whodunit in the Classroom? 羅狼仁
2002-06 Whodunit Interactive Drama Role Plays in the English as a Foreign Language Classroom 羅狼仁
2014 Whose Youth? Whose Death?: Disrupting the Unequal Encounter Between an Ascending West and a Decaying East in Joseph Conrad's &quot;Youth&quot; KAO, PEI-WEN CLIO; 高珮文
2013-06 Willkommen! 德語入門 (─) Lehrwerk für Deutsch als Fremdsprache. Kurs- und Arbeitsbuch 1 nach der neuen Rechtschreibung 蔡莫妮;  Monika, Leipelt-Tsai; 賴麗琇*; 吳銀杏; 張南思
2010-12 Willkommen! 德語入門 (三) Lehrwerk für Deutsch als Fremdsprache. Kurs- und Arbeitsbuch 3 nach der neuen Rechtschreibung 蔡莫妮; Monika, Leipelt-Tsai; 賴麗琇*; 吳銀杏; 張南思

Showing items 1826-1850 of 5828. (234 Page(s) Totally)
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