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2008 97年高風險家庭關懷輔導方案機構督導與服務成效之評估計畫 宋麗玉; 施教裕
2010 Action research as a bridge between two worlds: Helping the NGOs and humanitarian agencies adapt technology to their needs Chang, Yao-Jen; Liao, Rhi-Hua; Wang, Tsen-Yung; Chang, Yao-Sheng; 王增勇
1995 The Activities and Service of Senior Centers in Taiwan: A Case Study 呂寶靜
2006-12 Adaptation problems among divorced single-parent adolescents: From the ecosystemic perspective of resilience family functioning and support sources 謝美娥
2020-03 The Agency and Well-being of Taiwan's Middle-school Adolescents with Disabilities: A Capability Approach Study 林宜輝; Lin, Yei-Whei; Chen, Chih-Nan
2012-02 Anomaly Detection to Increase Commuter Safety for Individuals with Cognitive Impairments Chang,Yao-Jen; Wang, Frank Tsen-Yung; Chen,Shu-Fang; Ma,Tien-Shyan
2012-02 Anomaly Detection to Increase Commuter Safety for Individuals with Cognitive Impairments Chang, Yao-Jen; Wang, Frank Tsen-Yung; Chen, Shu-Fang; Ma, Tien-Shyan; 王增勇
2004-06 Assessment of physical functioning in disabled persons - A comparison between self-reports and proxy reports from family caregivers Lu, Pau Ching; 呂寶靜
2013-06 The Association between the Utilisation of Empowerment Strategies and Clients’ Changes of Self in the Field of Intimate Partner Abuse: from the Perspective of Social Workers 宋麗玉; Song, Li-yu
2009 The Attitudes toward and Enactment of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Principles among Professionals in Rehabilitation Agency 宋麗玉
2007 The attitudes towards and enactment of psychosocial rehabilitation principles: Discrepancies and correlates. 宋麗玉; Song,Li-yu
2013-01 Attitudinal and Behavioral Indicators Influencing Employment Decisions Among Married and Single Mothers in Taipei Taiwan 謝美娥; Hsieh, Mei-O
2010-09 Autonomous indoor wayfinding for individuals with cognitive impairments Wang,Tsen-Yung; Chang,Yao-Jen; Peng,Shu-Ming; Chen,Shu-Fang; Chen,Yan-Ru; Chen,Hung-Chi
2010-09 Autonomous indoor wayfinding for individuals with cognitive impairments 王增勇; Wang, Frank Tsen-Yung
1995 Barriers to social network interventions with persons with severe persistent mental illness: A survey of mental health case managers. 宋麗玉; Song,Li-yu
2009-07 Basic Pension Policy Reform in Taiwan after 2000: the Old-age security mix approach 林宜輝; Lin, Yei-Whei
2020-02 The Capability Approach to Adolescent Poverty in China: the Profile, Decomposition and Predictors of Deprivation 林宜輝; Lin, Yei-Whei; 程智男; Chen, Chih-Nan; Zhao, Kunpeng
2017-06 The capability approach to the wellbeing of poor adolescents: a Taiwanese case study 林宜輝; Lin, Yei-Whei; Chen, Chih-Nan
2010-09 Caring, employment, and quality of life: Comparison of employed and nonemployed mothers of adults with intellectual disability Chou, Y.-C.; Pu, C.-Y.; Fu, Li-yeh; 傅立葉
2017-01 Children's diurnal cortisol activity during the first year of school 楊佩榮; Lamb, Michael E; Kappler, Gregor; Ahnert, Lieselotte; Yang, Pei-Jung
2013-06 Chinese Cultural Variation on the Clubhouse Model in Taiwan 王增勇; Wang, Frank T.Y.; Lu, Yu-Hui
2017-03 Collisions between State Policies and Indigenous Cultures: Home Care in Indigenous Communities 王增勇; 楊佩榮; WANG, FRANK T. Y.; YANG, PEI-JUNG
2019-05 Collisions between the State and the Evil Spirit: Home Care in Indigenous Communities 王增勇; Tsai, Sheng-Pei
2005 Community Attitudes towards the Mentally Ill—The Results of A National Survey of Taiwanese Population. 宋麗玉; Song,Li-yu
2013-06 Community Participation and Life Satisfaction in Old Age 呂寶靜; Lu, Pau-Ching

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