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2009 Changing the game: how environmental international non-governmental organisations empower the state by mobilising society in china 林法志
2008 China's calculus in the Asia-Pacific region: A political strategy through economic integration 戈荷西; Guerra Vio, Jose
2007 China's Militarization of Space: Motivations and Implications for U.S-Chinese Relations 易思安
2008 China’s energy security: the impact on China’s foreign policy and the international order 柯愛蓮; Kork, Aire
2008 Cultural power in the space of political economy: A case study of China's cultural import into lithuania 白安潔
2008 The dragon's leap: China wielding its soft power in the strait Joe, Landgrebe
2006 An Empirical Study on Housing Price in China Under Macro Control Measures 石淑慧; Shih, Shu-Hui
2009 How a Man Reshapes the Image of a Country?: Analysis of President Ma’s Image among Shang Hai City from the Soft Power Perspective 詹偉伶; Chan, Doreen
2006 The Impact of China Tax Reform on Taiwan's Direct Investment 謝佳芳; Hsieh, Chia-Fang
2007 Institutions, foreign investment and the local state in Kunshan, China 施竹漢; Johan Anders Åke Skarendal
2006 An Overview Of The Synthetic Hegemon Since 9/11 With Implications For China 亞伯拉罕; Bretholt,Abraham
2007 Russia and China's Transition into the WTO and Economic Governance 劉立詮; Liu, Lee Chuan
2008 Security Relations among China, Japan and Taiwan, 1995-2008 羅思婷
2008 Sino-Russian security policy in central Asia after Cold War 卡 畢 羅; Kabirov, Parviz
2007 A Study to Measure Satisfaction with Evaluation System in the Taipei, Hong Kong and Shanghai City Police Department as a Motivational Concept 洪清火; Hung, Ching huo
2013 中俄黑瞎子島問題解決研究 徐凱琳; Hsu, Kai Lin
2009 中共能源安全與其在東南亞戰略布局 吳國安; Wu, Kuo-An
2008 中國上海男男性工作者之研究 丁明豪; Ting. Ming-hao
2008 中國人壽保險市場研究 王倩雯; Wang, Chien Wen
2007 中國區域間的不平衡經濟發展-以1997至2006年期間分析 許春梅; Hsu, Chun Mei
2008 中國增值稅改革之研究 傅迺婷; Fu, Nai Ting
2007 中國大陸新企業所得稅對高科技台商的影響─個案分析 張婷婷; Chang, Ting Ting
2008 中國大陸鄉鎮選舉制度改革研究-四川省步雲鄉案例分析 林惠琪
2006 中國崛起對中俄關係衝擊之研究 孫淑瑜; Sun, Shu Yu
2008 中國廣告市場之研究 李雲開; Lee, Yun Kai

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