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2007-05 Accountability, Task Characteristics and Audit Judgments Duh, Rong-Ruey; Chang, Janie; Chen, Elaine
2018-01 The Associations Between Book-Tax Differences and Bank Loan Contracting 姚維仁; Yao, Wei-Ren; 金成隆; Chin, Chen Lung; 王肇蘭; Wang, Chao Lan
2018-07 Asymmetric Sensitivity of CEO Cash Compensation to Restructuring Charges and Restructuring Charge Reversals: The Impacts of Compensation Committee Effectiveness 許慧雯; Hsu, Hui-Wen; 蔡柳卿; Tsai, Liu-Ching
2019-01 Corporate Performance and the Dual Roles of Boards: Firm Characteristics, Governance Regulations, and CEO-Director Relationships 王陽照; Wang, Yang-Chao; 林修葳; Lin, Hsiou-Wei W.; 李存修; Lee, Tsun-Siou; 蔡瑞容; Tsai, Jui-Jung
2007-05 Disaggregated Earnings Components as Explanatory Variables for Returns: The Case of Long Return Intervals Ohlson, James A.; Peng, Huoshu
2018-01 Does Managerial Legal Liability Affect Corporate Diversification? 陳光政; Chen, Guang-Zheng; 翁慈青; Weng, Tzu-Ching; 紀信義; Chi, Hsin-Yi
2018-07 The Effect of Internal Control Material Weaknesses on Executive Equity Incentives and Corporate Risk-Taking 黃馨儀; Huang, Hsin-Yi; 廖芝嫻; Liao, Chih-Hsien
2020-01 The Effects of Reducing the Securities Transaction Tax on Day Trading: Evidence from the Taiwan Stock Market 吳貞慧; Wu, Chen-Hui; 王姿韻; Wang, Tzu-Yun
2007-05 An Examination of SFAS No. 35: Adoption Timing Motives, Write-Off Characteristics, and Market Reaction Chao, Chia-Ling
2020-07 The Impact of Board Interlocks and Specialized CSR Assurance Providers on Corporate Social Responsibility Performance 廖益興; Liao, Yi-Hsing; 單騰笙; Sang, Temg-Sheng; 蔡元棠; Tsai, Yuan-Tang
2020-01 The Impact of the 2008 Financial Crisis and Regulation Reforms on Loan Growth: Evidence from the Effect of Capital 劉啟群; Liu, Chi-Chun; 吳思蓉; Wu, Szu-Jung
2019-07 On the Usefulness of Supplemental Disclosure about Fair Value Measurement: Evidence for Goodwill Impairment 陳宇紳; Chen, Vincent Y.S.; 谷豐; Gu, Feng
2020-07 PCAOB國際檢查對會計師及事務所審計品質外溢效果之影響 周玲臺; Chou, Ling-Tai Lynette; 邱薏蓉; Chiu, Yi-Jung; 邱献良; Chiu, Hsien-Lian
2020-01 Performance Appraised in Audit Review Process: Effects of Superior Performance and Impression of Subordinates 黃朝信; Huang, Chao-Hsin; 杜榮瑞; Duh, Rong-Ruey
2007-05 Performance Consequences of Pay Dispersion within Top Management Teams: The Impact of Firm Collaboration Needs Lee, Chia-Ling; Lin, Y. C. George; Chuang, Ya-Hsueh
2011-07 R&D Horizon and CEO Compensation 梁嘉紋; Liang, Jia-Wen
2019-01 Relationship between R&D Capitalization and R&D Overinvestment in the Software Industry: The Effect of Executive Equity-Based Compensation 陳家慧; Chen, Chia-Hui; 蔡柳卿; Tsai, Liu-Ching; 楊朝旭; Young, Chaur-Shiuh; 許慧雯; Hsu, Hui-Wen
2021-07 The Quest for Talented Independent Directors: The Role of Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance 李貴富; Li, Kuei-Fu; 廖懿屏; Liao, Yi-Ping
2007-05 Unexpected Earnings, Abnormal Accruals, and Changes in CEO Bonuses Chen, Chih-Ying; Liang, Jia-Wen; Lin, Stephen
2018-01 Use of Consolidated and Parent-Only Financial Statements in Predicting Financial Difficulties 林維珩; Lin, Wei-heng; 陳昭蓉; Chen, Chao-Jung
2018-01 Will An Analyst Report More Positively for Less-Covered Stocks When They Are First Included on His/Her List? 羅懷均; Lo, Huai-Chun; 林修葳; Lin, Hsiou-wei
2021-07 不同生命週期下核心代理問題對高階經理團隊薪酬之影響 張雅淇; Chang, Ya-Chi; 謝佑承; Xie, You-Cheng
1997-03 不完全契約:探究會計師事務所的管理諮詢服務 沈維民; Sheng, William W.
2012-07 不確定性、協同合作與管理控制系統之關聯性 邱筠淇; 李佳玲; 史雅男; Chiu, Yun-Ci; Lee, Chia-Ling; Shih, Ya-Nan
2006-01 不確定性、高階經理人報償差距與公司績效之關連性:競賽理論之驗證 李佳玲; Lee, Chia-ling

Showing items 1-25 of 212. (9 Page(s) Totally)
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