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2018-12 1950年代臺灣事務管理改革下的檔案管理人員培訓與制度建立 吳宇凡; Wu, Yu-Fan
2007-05 1992-2005資訊計量學研究及其發展演變 蔡明月; 劉瓊芳; Tsay,Ming-Yueh; Liou,Chiung-Fang
2017-06 3D列印的發展與應用 許立涵; Hsu, Li-Han; 佟心平; Tung, Shin-Ping; 林思穎; Lin, Sze-Ying; 林奇秀; Lin, Chi-Shiou
2000-08 80年代以來中國內地圖書館學信息學教育之發展與展望 程煥文; Cheng, Huan-wen
2019-06 94期序言 陳志銘; Chen, Chih-Ming
2019-12 95期序言 陳志銘; Chen, Chih-Ming
2020-06 96期序言 陳志銘; Chen, Chih-Ming
2020-12 97期序言 陳志銘; Chen, Chih-Ming
2021-06 98期序言 陳志銘; Chen, Chih-Ming
2011-12 Adaptation of the Tromsø Social Intelligence Scale to the Digital Library Guide Designers: A Case Study of the Transworld University Library Hou, Hsing-Yu
2019-06 An Investigation of the Associations between Professional Tasks and Document Genres in the Context of University Teaching 古敏君; Ku, Min-Chun
2012-05 An Analysis of Photo Editors’ Query Formulations Hung, Tsai-Youn
1995-11 Ariel應用在文獻傳遞服務之經驗 陳亞寧; Chen, Ya-Ning
2008-11 Digital Learning in Knowledge Society: A Perspective for Asian Countries with India as an Example Ghosh, S. B.
2021-06 Effects of Design Factors of a Game-based English Vocabulary Learning App on Learning Performance, Sustained Attention, Emotional State, and Memory Retention 陳志銘; Chen, Chih-Ming; Cao, Ding
2018-06 Effects of the Design Factors of Skill Training Games on Learning Performance and Emotion: English-Language Typing Games 陳志銘; Chen, Chih-Ming; 王榮英; Wang, Jung-Ying; 胡琬琪; Hu, Wan-Chi
1993-05 ERIC、LISA、Library Literature資料庫收錄範圍完整性(Coverage)之比較 譚修雯
2002-02 e時代國家現代化指標:資訊素養與資訊政策 吳美美; Wu, Mei-mei
1999-05 Favorite books of middle school students: Why they are favorite 賴淑賢; Chen, Shu-hsien Lai
2012-05 Identifying Core Medical Electronic Resources for Consortium Negotiation: A Survey in Taiwan Chiu, Tzu-Heng
1993-08 Internet網路資源指引:HYTELNET軟體簡介及現況發展 陳亞寧; Chen, Ya-ning
1994-11 Internet網路資源指引:WAIS 陳亞寧; Chen, Ya-Ning
1995-08 Internet資源的了解與掌握 卜小蝶; Pu, Hsiao-Tieh
2009-11 Library Anxiety and Library Use:A Survey at Jinwen University of Science and Technology 于第; Yu, Ti
2005-11 Metadata在圖書資訊學的研究發展 陳亞寧; Chen, Ya-ning; 陳淑君; Chen, Shu-jiun

Showing items 1-25 of 552. (23 Page(s) Totally)
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