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2015 身體與普世社會:原人歌與創世神話 conference (589)
2011-12 Kāvya and the Transformation of Indian Buddhism conference
2011-11 Aśvaghoṣa and the Transformation of Buddhism conference
2011-10 In Quest of the Ideal Human Order: China and India as Examples conference
2010-11 Mahābhārata as Hindu Epic conference
2010-08 From Upanayana to Brahmacarya conference
2009-12 The future of communal conflict between Hindus and Muslims in India conference
2009-12 Buddhism and Sinhala Consciousness conference
2009-11 The Debate between the Buddhist and the Mīmāṃsāka on the Omniscience in the Tattvasaṃgraha conference
2009-09 What does the fourfold restraint that a Nigaṇṭha bound conference
2008-11 Gandhi (1869-1948) and the Revival of Hinduism in India conference
2008-10 The transformation of Theravada Buddhism: Sri Lanka and Burma (Myanmar) as Example conference
2008-10 The Problem of Pāli as the Canonical Language of Buddhism conference
2007-12 An investigation on the concept of canonical language in early Buddhism conference
2007-05 佛陀對婆羅門祭祀思想之批判 conference
2007-05 Hsüan-tsang’s description of four divine ordeals in medieval India conference
2007-05 The Buddha's Response to Brahmanical Sacrifice conference
2006-09 Jainism and Buddhism in Interaction conference
2006-01 佛陀的梵行觀 conference
2005-11 The Cult of Vet?la and Tantrism conference