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2004-08 2004年 台灣寬頻網路使用調查 劉幼琍
2009 2007至2009中華台北男女籃國家代表隊在瓊斯盃新聞中的性別差異 江佳琪; Chiang, Ricie
2009 2009 年斯洛伐克媒體對女性總統侯選人報導之研究 巴蘭卡; Lenka Babarikova
2005-12 Bandwidth, Connection and Access: Analyzing the Business Models of Webcasters in Taiwan 劉幼琍
2007 Chinese spouses empowerment through community communication: a case study of the Chinese Association for Relief and Ensuing Service Momesso, Lara; Momesso, Lara
2009-05 The Development of Mobile Broadcasting TV: A Socio-Technical Comparison of Singapore and Taiwan 劉幼琍
2011-02 The development of mobile broadcasting TV: A socio-technical comparison of Singapore and Taiwan Lin, Trisha T.C.; Liu, Yu-li; 劉幼琍
2013-09 Disagreement and value predispositions: Understanding public opinion about stem cell research Shih, Tsung Jen; Scheufele, D.A.; Brossard, D.; 施琮仁
2008-06 The Displacement Effect of the Converged Service: IPTV as an Example 劉幼琍
2010-06 Exploring Item Non-Response in Public Opinion Surveys About Nanotechnology: Evidence From 21 Countries Shih, Tsung-Jen.; Scheufele, Dietram; Corley, Elizabeth; 施琮仁
2008 Functions of the Use of English in Advertising: A Content Analysis of Taiwanese Magazines 萩原茂樹; Shigeki Jack Hagihara
1994-04 The Growth of Cable Television in China: Tensions between Local and Central Government 劉幼琍
2017-01 How Message Framing and Presentation Affect Pro-Environmental Behavioral Intentions: A DualPathway Model Perspective 施琮仁; Shih, Tsung-Jen
2012 HTC企業新聞稿與媒體報導的議題設定研究 何榮軒; Eddie Ho
2010-06 The Impact of Convergence on the Telecommunications Law and Policy: A Comparison between Japan and Taiwan 劉幼琍
2020 Instagram限時動態使用與心理影響研究 盧佳岱; Lu, Jia-Dai
2008 Laughter is the Best Pitch: A Research on the Presence of Humor in American and Filipino Advertisements 文詩安; Mildred Ann Vicente
2008 MSN狀態列內容自我揭露的性別差異 蕭萱茵; Deike Lautenschlaeger
2010-06 A Multilevel Model of Risk and Benefit Perception Shih, Tsung-Jen; Scheufele, Dietram; Corley, Elizabeth; 施琮仁
2008 Nationalism in 21st Century Chinese Blockbusters 荻羅拉; Tylova, Klara
2013 News coverage of public health issues: The role of news sources and the processes of news construction Shih, T.-J.; Brossard, D.; Wijaya, R.; Shih, Tsungjen; 施琮仁
2009 One Wall Many Voices: Framing the U.S.A.-Mexico Border Fence in Editorial Cartoons from the two countries 李莉; Liliana, Arrieta Rodriguez
2016 SSU學生記者之自導性學習研究 馬杰堯; Ma, Jie Yao
2008 Thin-ideal images, self-esteem and the third-person effects 何怡瑩; He, Yi Ying
2018 Twitch實況主直播動機探討 朱利安; Tirazona, Julian

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