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2007-03 2004年臺灣地區眼科門診執業內容分析 柳逸嫻; 林宜璁; 陳曾基; 周麗芳; 黃信彰; 許紋銘
2020 2009、2017年遺產及贈與稅稅制改革對生前贈與行為的影響 廖偉如; LIAO, WEI-JU
2015 2010年營所稅變革對員工薪資與受僱人數影響 林艷麗
2019 2010年稅制改革對企業隱租稅之影響 陳彥儒
2006 95年度醫療財團法人輔導訪查與財務報告編製準則教育訓練計畫 朱澤民; 王惠玄; 徐偉初; 羅德城; 郭振雄
2008 96年委託辦理新進人員退休制度採行完全確定提撥之可行性研究案 周麗芳
2007 96年度醫療財團法人輔導訪查與財務報告編製準則教育訓練計畫 徐偉初; 王惠玄; 羅德城; 郭振雄
2008 97年度醫療法人輔導計畫 徐偉初; 羅德城; 黃勢璋
2010 99 醫療法人輔導訪視及98年度財務報告審查作業 徐偉初; 何怡澄; 郭振雄; 羅德城
2014-09 A Political Economy of Tax Havens 鄭竹君; 朱巡; Lai, Yu-Bong
2010-08 Adrenal insufficiency in the elderly: a nationwide study of hospitalizations in Taiwan Chen, YC; Chen, YC; Chou, LF; Chen, TJ; Hwang, SJ
2015-02 An Experimental Study on the Crowding-Out Effect with both Publicly and Privately Provided Public Goods Hsu, Li-Chen
2003-11 An Analysis of Preference Interdependence in Charitable Giving-The Case of Tainwan Wu Shih-Ying; 黃智聰; 高安邦
2015-03 An Analysis of Suicides in Japan, 1997-2007: Changes in Incidence, Persistence, and Age Profiles Chen, Joe; Choi, Y.J.; Mori, K.; Sawada, Y.; Sugano, S.; 陳國樑
2004-12 An Analysis of the Peer Effects in Charitable Giving- The Case of Taiwan 黃智聰; 高安邦; Wu, Shih-Ying; Huang, Jr-Tsung; Kao, An-Pang
2003-09 Application of a data-mining technique to analyze coprescription patterns for antacids in Taiwan Chen T.-J.; 周麗芳; Hwang S.-J.
2006-08 Application of concentration ratios to analyze the phenomenon of "next-door" pharmacy in Taiwan Tzeng-Ji Chen; 周麗芳; Shinn-Jang Hwang
2011-07 Application of frequent itemsets mining to analyze patterns of one-stop visits in Taiwan Tu,Chun-Yi; Chen,Tzeng-Ji; Chou,Li-Fang
1982-07 An Application of Parity Progression Ratios to Developing Countries Shields M.; 徐偉初; Vogel RC
2008-11 The Application of Reverse Mortgages in Ageing Society 黃泓智; 吳文傑; 林左裕; 鄭雅丰; Huang,Hong-Chih; Wu,Wen-Chieh; Lin,Tsoyu Calvin; Cheng,Ya-Fu
2012-04 Applications Barriers to Entry and Exclusive Vertical Contracts in Platform Markets 胡偉民; PRIEGER, JAMES E.; HU, WEI-MIN
2017-01 Applying the Hybrid Model of EMD, PSR, and ELM to Exchange Rates Forecasting 楊亨利; Yang, Heng-Li; Lin, Han-Chou
2008-12 Are Rich Earners Time-Privileged in Taiwan? The Evidence from 1981 to 2006 Pan,Jiun-Nan; Lo,Kuang-Ta; Huang,Jr-Tsung; 潘俊男; 羅光達; 黃智聰
2014-07 An Assessment of Teaching Economics with The Simpsons 朱琇妍; Chu, Shiou-Yen
2012-11 The Association of Board Structure and Composition with Nonprofit Hospitals’ Donation Revenues 何怡澄; Ho, Yi-Cheng; Kuo, Jenn-Shyong

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