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2011-06 Aging Societies in Emerging and Mature Economies: Towards Uncharted Territory 安德瑞; Laliberté, André
2014-09 An Analysis of India's recent engagements in Comprehensive and other Trade Agreements in East and Southeast Asia 查卡拉鮑迪, 德巴喜斯.; Chakraborty, Debashis; 科迪亞, 曼西.; Kedia, Mansi
2008-12 An Analysis of the Korea-Chile FTA Performance: Implications for a Korea-China FTA 金元鎬; Kim, Won-Ho
2013-09 Approaches to Intercultural Competence and Its Development 葛丹娜; Gröschke, Daniela; 薄爾耿; Bolten, Jürgen
2010-09 Assessing Taiwan Firms' Niche from the Development Trend of E-paper Industry 謝目堂; Shiem, Muh-Tarng; 張琳禎; Chang, Lin-Chen; 張美智; Zhang, Mei-Zhi
2008-12 AUSFTA and Services Liberalization-Was it Worth the Effort? 伯斯沃司; Bosworth, Malcolm
2005-09 Australia and East Asian Regionalism 雷文修; Ravenhill, John
2010-03 Australia's Approach to FTA Negotiations with China 吳念祺; Wu, Nichole
2009-08 Australia-ASEAN Relations under Prime Minister Kevin Rudd 克特安德森; Andressen, Curtis
2012-12 The Australia-Korea Negotiations for a Preferential Trade Agreement: The Political Economy of Stalemate 雷文修; Ravenhill, John
2012-12 Australia-South Korea FTA Negotiations under Lee Myung-bak 劉德海; Liou, To-Hai
2017-12 Australian Perspective on Energy Use and Supply: implications for the international political economy 潘妮; Penney, Kate
2007-08 The Axe Effect: NAFTA and the Canada-U.S. Lumber Dispute 羅邦固; Ramasamy, Alagu Perumal
2011-03 CAFTA and Agricultural Products Trade between Yunnan and ASEAN 周觀琪; Zhou, Guan-Qi; 安德森, 克特.; Andressen, Curtis
2007-08 Canada's Sustainable Trade Strategy: New Partners, the WTO and Beyond 約翰柯爾頓; Kirton, John
2009-08 Canada, the United States, and Asia: Shifting Patterns and Preferences in Canadian Foreign Policy 豪斯, 麥可.; Hawes, Michael K.
2014-09 Changing International Politics on the Korean Peninsula: from Geo-politics to Geo-economics 劉德海; Liou, To-Hai
2009-08 China and the Dispute Settlement System of the WTO 戴維森, 保羅.; Davidson, Paul J.
2007-12 China in the WTO: The Impact of Global Integration on Local Governance 郭英傑; Guo, Ying-Jie
2005-06 China Moving Toward Regional FTAs, Cross-Straits Mutual WTO Membership, and Taiwan's Response: Implications for Canada 蔡國忠; Cai, Kevin G.
2019-03 China's Science Diplomacy in the South China Sea:Exploring, calming and owning the waters 杜允士; Bozzato, Fabrizio
2011-06 China-India: Redefining Energy Security Paradigm 斯瓦蘭, 辛格; Singh, Swaran
2009-12 China: A Revisionist Rather Than a Revolutionist 屠新泉; Tu, Xin-Quan
2008-08 Chinese Investment in Australia: Threat or Opportunity? 舒萍; Shu, Ping; 克特安德森; Andressen, Curtis
2011-06 Chinese State Investments in Canada: Lessons from the Potash Saga 馬思佳; Massot, Pascale

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