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2018-08 A Visual Interactive Reading System Based on Eye Tracking Technology to Improve Digital Reading Performance conference (182)
2018-07 An Automatic Text Annotation System to Improve Reading Comprehension of Chinese Ancient Texts conference (323)
2018-07 An Effective Group Incentive Mechanism in a Collaborative Problem-based Learning System for Enhancing Positive Peer Interaction and Learning Performance conference (282)
2018-07 An English Vocabulary Learning APP with Self-regulated Learning Mechanism for Promoting Learning Performance and Motivation conference (293)
2018-07 Community Detection with Opinion Leaders’ Identification for Promoting Collaborative Problem-based Learning Performance conference (333)
2018-07 The Effects of Video-Annotated Listening Review Mechanism on Promoting EFL Listening Comprehension conference (278)
2018-07 A Collaborative Reading Annotation System with Gamification Mechanisms to Improve Reading Performance conference (302)
2017-08 Effects of Design Factors of Game-based English Vocabulary Learning APP on Learning Performance, Sustained Attention, Emotional State, and Memory Retention conference (161)
2017-08 Effects of Collaborative Multimedia Annotations on Elementary School Students’ Vocabulary Learning Performance conference (224)
2017-08 A Collaborative Reading Annotation System for Promoting Reading Performance conference (245)
2017-08 Learning Process Analysis Based on Sequential Pattern Mining and Lag Sequential Analysis in a Web-based Inquiry Science Environment conference (220)
2017-08 An English Diagnosis and Review System based on Brainwave Attention Recognition Technology for the Paper-based Learning Context with Digital-Pen Support conference (292)
2017 Developing an Academic Hub with Data Synchronization, Altmetrics Display and Added Value Information for Promoting Scholarly Communication Performance conference (147)
2016-10 數位人文趨勢與主題分析之研究 conference (239)
2016-06 Effects of mobile game-based English vocabulary learning app on learners' perceptions and learning performance: A case study of Taiwanese EFL learners conference (440)
2016-06 Assessing effects of information architecture of digital museums on supporting e-learning conference (511)
2016-06 An optimized group formation scheme considering knowledge level, learning roles, and interaction relationship for promoting collaborative problem-based learning performance conference (369)
2016-06 Effects of the design factors of skill training game on learning performance and emotion conference (402)
2016-06 Effects of attention monitoring and alarm mechanism on promoting e-learning performance conference (432)
2016-01 Assessing the Attention Levels of Students by Using a Novel Attention Aware System Based on Brainwave Signals conference (504)
2016-01 Effects of Different Video Lecture Types on Sustained Attention, Emotion, Cognitive Load, and Learning Performance conference (419)
2016-01 Enhancement of Digital Reading Performance by Using a Novel Web-Based Collaborative Reading Annotation System with Two Quality Annotation Extraction Mechanisms conference (412)
2016 基於ORCID發展Academic Hub機構典藏系統提升數位化論文傳播效益 conference (515)
2014-11 Path analyses of how students develop conceptual knowledge and inquiry skills in a simulation-based inquiry environment conference (407)
2013 Interactive augmented reality game for enhancing library instruction in elementary schools conference (172)