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2019-07 Community Detection with Opinion Leaders’ Identification for Promoting Collaborative Problem-based Learning Performance article (219)(1)
2019-07 A Collaborative Reading Annotation System with Formative Assessment and Feedback Mechanisms to Promote Digital Reading Performance article (0)(48)
2019-04 A Chinese Ancient Book Digital Humanities Research Platform to Support Digital Humanities Research article (48)
2019-03 Enhancement of English Learning Performance by Using an Attention-based Diagnosing and Review Mechanism in Paper-based Learning Context with Digital-Pen Support article (304)(0)
2019-03 An Optimized Group Formation Scheme to Promote Collaborative Problem-based Learning article (0)(51)
2019-03 Effectiveness of a Digital Pen-based Learning System with a Reward Mechanism to Improve Learners’ Metacognitive Strategies in Listening article (13)
2019-02 The Effects of Video-Annotated Listening Review Mechanism on Promoting EFL Listening Comprehension article (0)(40)
2019 A visual interactive reading system based on eye tracking technology to improve digital reading performance article (1)
2018-12 An English Vocabulary Learning App with Self-regulated Learning Mechanism to Improve Learning Performance and Motivation article (0)(21)
2018-12 數位內容策展在大學校史館的協作與應用 article (56)
2018-11 Development and Evaluation of an Automatic Text Annotation System for Supporting Digital Humanities Research article (84)
2018-09 Effects of Mobile Game-based English Vocabulary Learning APP on Learners’ Perceptions and Learning Performance: A Case Study of Taiwanese EFL Learners article
2018-06 序言 article (33)
2018-06 Effects of the Design Factors of Skill Training Games on Learning Performance and Emotion: English-Language Typing Games article (37)
2018 Improving Effectiveness of Learners’ Review of Video Lectures by Using an Attention-based Video Lecture Review Mechanism based on Brainwave Signals article (252)
2017-12 Effects of the Design Factors of Skill Training Games on Learning Performance and Emotion: English-Language Typing Games article (125)
2017-03 Assessing the Attention Levels of Students by using a Novel Attention Aware System based on Brainwave Signals article (805)(8)
2017-01 Effects of online synchronous instruction with an attention monitoring and alarm mechanism on sustained attention and learning performance article (8)(11)
2016-08 Investigating the Effects of Structured and Guided Inquiry on Students’ Development of Conceptual Knowledge and Inquiry Abilities: A Case Study in Taiwan article (282)
2016-05 Forecasting reading anxiety for promoting English-language reading performance based on reading annotation behavior article (210)