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2004-03 1970-1999年開發中國家人口成長、國民所得與文盲率的關聯分析 張芳全
2003-06 1990年與1996年男女教育量差異與發展類型探索 張芳全
2003-09 2 x 2成就目標理論架構之驗證 李仁豪; 余民寧
2004-12 AHP和CPC之比較--以教育資料為例 葉連祺
2001-06 ANFIS理論應用於教師人力需求預測模式之建構 廖宏彬 ;  蘇仲鵬 ;  吳慧敏
1979-06 Assuring Quality in Higher Education Burkhardt, Richard W.
1988-08 Bayesian problems vs. point estimation problems: a critical evaluation of a theory of diagnostic inference 顏乃欣 
2001 Changing schools from loosely coupled elements to a perceptionally integrated system through facilitating curriculum integration 黃譯瑩
1987-08 Characteristics of a Healthy Family and Family Strengths:A Cross-Cultural Study 藍釆風 ;  陳皎眉 
1998-06 A Comparative Analysis of Alternative Approaches to Literacy Assessment 尚惠芳
1997-12 A Comparative Analysis of Alternative Evaluation Approaches 尚惠芳
2004-12 Comparison of Science and Engineering Education Technology Production and Competitiveness of Both Sides of the Taiwan Strait 馬信行
2004-09 A Confirmatory Study on Self-Efficacy, Goal Setting, Attribution, and English Achievement in College Students: The Longitudinal Design 邱文彬 ;  萬金生 ;  林泰安
1989-08 Detection and Remedies of Multicollinearity in Multiple Regression Analysis 余民寧
2004-06 The Development of a Validated Perceived Self-efficacy Scale on English Reading Strategies 楊蓮蓮
1992-08 Drawing as a Graphic Speech in Children's Writing Processes and Written Discourse Structures 紀李美瑛
1991-08 Emergent Literacy Learning in an Alphabetic Writing System from the Innate-Constructivist Points of View 紀李美瑛
1991-08 Enculturation of Students' Epistemological Beliefs About Learning 鄭晉昌
2007-03 Factors Leading to School Dropout: A Meta-analysis 馬信行
2003-09 Faculty Attitude towards Student Ratings: Do the Resultant Ratings Scores Matter? 張德勝
1998-06 The Feasibility of Scale-Reduction of the Analytic Hierarchy Process 賴光真
1993-09 Gender Differences in the Academic Reward System: A Case Study of Faculty Income in Taiwan 周祝瑛
1979-06 An Impasse in Education: A Critical Analysis of Chinese Communist Educational Policy Liang, Shang-Yung
1989-08 The Influence of Era and Freedom on the Emergence of Artistic Creativity 郭有遹
2013-03 IRT真實分數等化於群體不變性假設之探究-以TASA 2007英語文題組測驗為例 王暄博; 郭伯臣; 呂玉如

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